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Since Andy started racing back in the Winter of 2000, the team has enjoyed its fair slice of success. The most notable are the x3 consecutive summer championship wins in 2008 2009 and 2010, and the two British winter titles Andy held in the Winters of 2002 and 2005.

Apart from that, there have been many hidden success stories that have gone un-noticed. Like Starting 13th at Milton Keynes in 2005, and coming back to finish 3rd behind only Danny Thornton and James Bushell. And helping to revive the sports class in 2003, and the 2 stroke runabout class more recently.

The main thing is the enjoyment we have had over the years. The places we have travelled and the sights we have seen. The good times in racing have been incredible. Long may it last.

The most dissapointing thing in Andy's racing career is never competing in Europe or the World Finals. The lack of time and money have made that the way it is.  Also breaking each leg racing, the left at Stockton in 2002, and the right at American Adventure in 2004 go down as some of the real lows so far. Anyway, below are the highs!

Trophies and awards


Exper Sport Class British Winter Championship - 1st


Expert Sport class round 1 - 1st

Expert Sport class round 2 - 3rd

Expert Sport class round 3 - 3rd

Expert Sport class round 4 - 2nd

Expert Sport class round 5 - 1st

Expert Sport British Championship - Runner up

Special award British Expert Sport most improved rider award


Pro Runabout Endurance - 3rd

Expert Runabout Superstock round 4 - 5th


Expert Runabout stock round 1 - 5th

Expert Runabout stock round 3 - 5th

Expert Runabout stock British Championships - 5th overall


Expert Runabout British winter series champion - 1st


Expert Runabout Limited round 1 - 4th

Expert Runabout Superstock round 1 - 4th

Expert Runabout limited round 4 -4th

Expert Runabout limited British Championship - 4th overall


Expert Runabout limited round 4 - 4th


Expert Runabout British Winter series - 3rd 


Expert Runabout 2 stroke GP round 1 - 1st

Expert Runabout 2 stroke GP round 2 - 1st

Expert Runabout 2 stroke GP round 3 - 1st

Expert Runabout 2 stroke GP round 4 - 2nd

Expert Runabout 2 stroke GP round 5 - 1st

Expert Runabout 2 stroke GP round 6 - 1st

Expert Runabout 2 stroke GP British Championships - Champion

RYA shield and trophy also recieved at the end of 2008.


Expert Runabout 2 stroke GP round 1 - 2nd

Expert Runabout 2 stroke GP round 2 - 1st

Expert Runabout 2 stroke GP round 3 - 1st

Expert Runabout 2 stroke GP round 4 - 1st

Expert Runabout 2 stroke GP round 5 - 1st

Expert Runabout 2 stroke GP round 6 - 1st

Expert Runabout 2 stroke GP British Championships - Champion


Open Runabout Expert round 1 - 1st

Open Runabout Expert round 2 - 1st

Open Runabout Expert round 3 - 2nd

Open Runabout Expert round 4 - 1st

Open Runabout Expert round 5 - 2nd

Open Runabout Expert round 6 - 1st

Final Position : Champion



Open Runabout Expert round 1 - 3rd

Open Runabout Expert round 2 - 3rd

Open Runabout Expert round 3 - 2nd

Open Runabout Expert round 4 - Cancelled

Open Runabout Expert round 5 - 1st

Open Runabout Expert round 6 - 3rd

Final position : Champion

Special shield also recieved from Seadoo. Given to all champions riding Seadoos in 2012.


Other racing achievements

As mentioned before, Andy has achieved a lot of things over the years that have gone un-noticed. Thats life, and that's racing. But they are certinatly worth lisitng. Here they are.


1. Youngest competitor (aged 14) on the start line for every race of the 2000/01 winter Championships

2. Youngest competitor throughout the whole British summer championships

3. Beating Jamie Moss at Manchester on a stock ski, in Andy's 7th race

4. Finishing 7th overall in his 1st British Summer championships

5. Finishing 5th in his first British waterways championships (run in conjunction with the British Championships)

6. Racing in an expenses paid race week in Gibraltar as support for The UIM World Power Boat championships. Andy was the youngest competitor on a 20 'man' start line. 


1. Youngest Open Sport British Champion (aged 15/16)

2. Winning first race at Queenford in Oxford


1. Again the youngest rider on the line throughout the season

2. Leading the British Championship until the last round when Andy's leg was broken in practice by the runner up at the time. That runner up, Ray Purkiss, went on to win the title that year.

3. Winning the second moto at Liverpool, round 5 by 34 seconds.

4. Racing again in Gibraltar for a week. And again the youngest rider.

5. Winning both motos by over 25 seconds at Winter round 2, Open Sport class.

6. Helped the revival of the sports class by building a website designated to finding more riders


1. Andy joined the army and became the first ever Irish Guardsman to race in the British runabout limited and superstock championships

2. Most notable achievement this year was coming 3rd in Superstock on a totally standard ski. Andy finished 5th overall that day


1. Finishing joint 5th was the main achievement over the winter series this year. However, Dave Jackson, who Andy finished joint with that season, recieved the trophy as he finished ahead of Andy in the last race. By the rules, that meant Dave got the trophy.


1. On Andy's 18th birthday, he recieved 1 on 1 training with Chris Macclugage. Chris was riding a stock STXR and Andy a stock xp. The big achievement was Andy actually beat his best time on the course that day!

2. Became the first person to be stood on guard at Buckingham Palace and race in the British Championships in the same day.

3. Raced with a broken leg at Tattershall, round 4. Andy came 6th on the day



1. Brought Phil Pope's British and European championship winning ski

2. Holeshotted and won first race on Phil's old ski. Andy won the race by 20+ seconds.

3. At round 3 of the Winter series in moto 1, Andy had a poor start and was 13th out of 20. However, Andy picked his way through the pack and managed a 3rd place finish. In the second moto, Andy had a flying start and was in 3rd place behind Phil Pope and James Bushell. Andy was pushing Bushell hard for 2nd place when he fallen off and winded himself! Hard luck

4. Became the British winter series open runabout pro Champion



1. Became the first ever person to race the next day after trooping the colour in London. Andy did his duties, got changed straight away and got the train to Liverpool. He arrived at 8pm that night and raced the next morning. However, the 4 and a half hour stand taken its toll on Andy and he only managed a 6th that day.

2. At Stockton, round 5, Andy had a bad start because of mechanical problems. He started last (11th) and pulled his way through the field to 3rd place. However, Andy then recieved a punishment for 'aggressive riding'




1. Came from the last placed position no less than 3 times in 12 races. All 4 times Andy worked his way upto 4th place.

2. Raced with a broken thumb and sprained wrist at final round, Milton Keynes. Andy came 6th in both Limited and Superstock, despite the injury




1. Missed 2007 Summer Championships due to the Irish Guards commitments in Iraq. However, situations changed and Andy did not travel to Iraq. The decision was made to abandon racing throughout 2007 and concentrate on Andy's work and his wife, Caroline.

Andy will be making his return for the first winter round, 2007 at Tattershall park, Lincs 



Andy won his first summer championships, in the newly created 2 stroke runabout GP class, as well as a 3rd in the previous winter championships with the 4 stroke machines



Won second successive summer championships in 2 stroke runabout GP. Its also worth noting the success Andy had racing in runabout limited against mainly RXP-X 4 stroke supercharged machines. Out of 10 motos, Andy came 3rd in all of them and 2nd in another, pipping James Bushell by a few metres to the finishing line.



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