Other Racing Photos
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Below are a few more photos i wanted to add to my site.

Ray Purkiss (1st) Andy Rich (2nd) and Simon Bond (3rd) British Championships awards 2002


Jeremy Hoyland, gone but not forgotten

Start Line Round 1 2003 British Championships

Me on the start line on #68 before Open Limited Runabout

Broken leg, 2002

The time when i broken my left leg. I was 16 and done it in practice the day before racing at the final round of the 2002 British Championships. I was runner up that year.

Mike Rich

That's Dad giving us a wave

Tattershall Round 4 2006

Looks like Dads telling me im 5th, Caz has something in her hair and Mums doing the 'boob grabber' impression

Round 4 Open Runabout Limited British Championships 2006

Caz, Me and Dad after my 2nd moto