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This page has information on Jetsport racing in Great Britain

Who Are the JSRA?

The JSRA is the governing body for all Jet Ski racing in the United Kingdom affiliated to The IJSBA the world governing body for Jet ski racing, we are members of the RYA (Royal Yachting Association) membership is only granted to waters sport associations that have achieved the highest levels of safety and event operation.

Who Runs The JSRA

A committee of 12 headed by a chairperson are responsible for the running of the JSRA, they meet a minimum of 4 times per year and an AGM his held annually usually at the end of the racing season, the AGM is held to report to all members on the financial situation and to discuss and make changes to the rules additionally this is when the new committee is voted in.


The JSRA relies on Sponsorship from businesses and individuals additionally competitors pay an annual membership fee and at each event all competitors pay an event fee this varies depending on age and how many classes they are to enter.

                                                         2010 British Championships Classes

Junior Ski                                                     
Sport Open                                                  
Ski Stock                                                       
Ski Stock IJSBA                                      
Runabout 4-stroke Stock                        
Veteran Runabout GP                                 
Runabout GP                                              
Ski GP                                              
Runabout 2-stroke/4-stroke 160              
Ski Ltd/Ski Vets                                     
Runabout Limited                                 
Yamaha SuperJet Challenge                  
Freestyle (Am,Exp,Pro)                           

How to start racing

The Racing Day

When you arrive at the race site you must sign on straightaway and before you will be allowed onto the water your Ski must be inspected by the Race Scrutineer. Failing to do this could result in being disqualified from the race meeting. There will also be a Rider’s meeting before practice, this is mandatory for all racers and will explain the day’s procedures.

Signing On

Involves finding the race secretary and scribbling your signature against the class you want to take part in. She will also give you an itinerary of the day and help with any other questions you may have. Racers under the age of 18 will need a parent or guardian to sign in for them.

Technical Inspection

means getting your ski inspected for safety hazards. This will take a few minutes and the Scrutineer will let you know of any irregularities. If there are any, such as a sharp bond rail you will need to rectify before racing. Failing to do so could result in being disqualified from the race meeting. The inspection is not for checking out the legality of your Ski that is saved for the end of the meeting.

The Riders Meeting

Is called at least half an hour before official practice. This is where you’ll find out the do’s and don’ts of the venue, the flag rules and any other miscellaneous information. A water marshal will also ride a demo of the course. Beginners will be given special attention and taken through how to navigate the course, what the flags mean, how to retake a buoy if missed during a race etc.


Means just that, a chance to practice the course before your race. Each class will be guided around behind a marshal boat and then laps on their own. If you are still unsure of the course, please ask the Race Director or one of the JSRA officials to go through it with you again. A good tip is to watch all the practice sessions and any races before yours.


Before your race you will need to Pre-grid, this is mandatory and means choosing your spot on the grid (startline). This helps the race run smoothly. Pre-Grid is usually located next to the startline. You must arrive in Pre-Grid just after the start of the race before yours.

The Race And Your Successes

Are down to you, but remember to keep breathing and most of all to have fun. Depending on the Championship you could compete in up to 3 motos in a day which can be very exhausting in anyone’s book. The results are usually available on the day but will be also sent to you by post after the event as well as being available on this web site.

Points To Remember

Jetsport is a safe sport and we want to keep it that way, please respect the rules and regulations of the venue and the speed restrictions when entering the water. Also, please leave the race site tidy.

Don't Be Afraid To Ask Questions!

Your first race can be very daunting and we are here to give you all the support you need to make your day a success!